PHILFEST Generative Artificial Intelligence Drawing Competition

This unique competition, organized by the Bilkent Artificial Intelligence Society for Bilkent PhilFest’23, offers you the opportunity to express your thoughts artistically by combining your world of thinking with artificial intelligence.

With this competition, you will put the concepts, words, or questions you have thought about on the canvas with artificial intelligence tools, and you will discover the aesthetic interpretations of your thoughts.

You can always reach the Bilkent Artificial Intelligence Society with questions about the competition:

Social Media: @bilkentai


This page is written by Bilkent AI Society and translated into English by Maryam Azimli.

You can find the original text in Turkish here.

1. Generative Artificial Intelligence Philosophy Drawing Competition

We welcome everyone who is interested in or intrigued by philosophy to use artificial intelligence tools to draw a philosophical thought or phrase they like. You can participate by selecting any philosophical topic, question, or word of a thinker and expressing its intellectual depth and meaning through an artistic drawing. Here are several examples:


          Concept: Mind, Evil, Knowledge, Good Life, Truth, Self-Awareness, Utopia, Infinity

          Quote: “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Socrates

          Question: “Can machines think?”

However, we expect these artistic paintings to be created utilizing generative AI technologies. If this is your first time using these technologies, don’t worry; we’ve created a specific guide for all types of users to help you get to the top. You can find the guide below.

To encourage our high school student participants, the competition will be evaluated in two sub-categories:

  • High school
  • General


 The awarding process and the exhibition will be held within these categories.

Submission Date: You must submit your applications to the form on our website until Wednesday, September 13.

2. Contest Calendar

Evaluation process:

  •  Our jury members will meticulously evaluate all participating drawings, and successful examples will be exhibited in the PHILFEST’23 Festival Area.
  • A copy of the evaluation report can be found in the application form.

Announcement of Results: The evaluation results will be announced on September 16, and the winners will be published on the official website of PHILFEST’23.

3. Awards and Exhibition

Successful visuals determined by the jury’s selection will be exhibited at the PHILFEST’23 Philosophy Exhibition.

By completing the application form, you authorize your painting to be exhibited in the philosophy exhibition PHILFEST’23 and published on the official platforms of PHILFEST’23.

In addition, a specially prepared “PHILFEST’23 Souvenir Package” will be presented to the owner of the three best works among the paintings deemed worthy of exhibition.

4. Participation and Application

To complete your participation and apply for the competition, please fill out the relevant application form using the link below.

If you want to get more detailed information about artificial intelligence tools, you can read the rest of our article below.

 By sharing the details of yourself and your work through this form, you can get one step closer to being exhibited at an unforgettable festival.

5. Sample Application Guide

a. Entry Level Guide: Bing

Estimated time: 3 minutes

Level: Introduction

Tool: Microsoft Bing Image Generator

Drawing Quality: Medium

Price: Free*

Usage: Very easy

In this example, we will use the Bing Image Generator, one of the most accessible tools, to draw the picture. If you want to get better-quality drawings, don’t forget to review our following guides.

The tool in this example is available at:

 You must have a Microsoft account to use this application. If you do not have an account, you can create one quickly using this link.

 After logging in to Bing Image Generator with your account, you will see the following screen:

Type the prompt you created in the bar at the top and send it. After waiting a few seconds, you will see the results below.

The following example is made by writing a sample entry (prompt) for Plato’s allegory of the cave.

Example picture:

 You can access the above study at this link: Case Study

b. Entry Level Guide: Night Cafe

Estimated time: 5 minutes

Level: Introduction

Tool: Night Cafe

Drawing Quality: Very Good

Price: Free*

Usage: Easy

We will use the Night Cafe Studio site to draw the picture in this example. You can reach it at:

 You will have the chance to easily experience multiple different generative artificial intelligence tools through Night Cafe.

 We recommend registering on the site to access the drawings you create later. You can do this quickly by clicking the profile icon in the upper right.

 If you want to try it quickly without registering, click the “Create” button at the top right. You can go directly to the production stage by clicking on the “Create an instant temporary account” option from the options that will appear later. (You will need to register again for production afterward.)

 After completing these, you can select different generative artificial intelligence models with one click from the upper left side of the screen that appears. As the best model, we recommend you choose SDXL 1.0 for your final productions.

Then, enter the prompt you want to draw in the “Text prompt” section and click the “Create” button. Your image will be ready in a minute.

Congratulations, you have produced your first image! 🥳

Further Recommendations:

  •  Try to explain in detail what you have in mind to produce a drawing closer to your dream. Every word or character you type can significantly affect the results.
  • Don’t be limited to these tools. You can try other tools on our list as well.
  • Contact us if you’re curious about how this technology works. Bilkent Artificial Intelligence Community: Click for our contact information.


 Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any issues.  Click to reach the links to all our social media addresses. We will try our best to assist you in any matter.

You are now familiar with how to generate drawings with productive AI tools.

We wish you pleasant productions. We are looking forward to seeing the picture you will send for our competition.

6. Generative AI Image Generating Tools

Comparison Table of Artificial Intelligence Tools
Name Pricing Quality Usability
Midjourney Paid Very Good Easy
Dalle 2 Paid Good Easy
Adobe Firefly Free Good Easy
Stable Diffusion Free Variable Variable*
Nightly Cafe Free Trial Very Good Easy
OpenArt Free* Good Easy
CF Spark Art Free Trial Good Easy
Starry AI Free* Good Easy
Craiyon Free Good Easy
Dream by Wombo Free* Good Easy
Bing Image Generator Free Good Easy
Canva AI Free Moderate Easy
Dezgo Free Very Good* Easy
Fotor AI Free Trial Good Easy